History of Sure Barons Corporation
2003.12Founder Yoshihiro Hashimoto opened Sure Barons Corporation in Tokyo
2004.9Concluded a Sales agency agreement with Altair Filter Technology, UK
2005.1Concluded a Distributor agreement with W.R. Davis Engineering of Canada
2007.4Concluded a Sales agency agreement with CTL Aerospace in the United States.
2007.9Concluded a Sales agency agreement with General Electric Company of the United States.
2007.12Concluded a Sales agency agreement with Goodrich (currently Collins Aerospace) in the United States.
2009.7Concluded a Sales agency agreement with Euravia Engineering in the UK
2010.11Acquired membership by clearing the audit of TRACE, a corporate compliance research agency
2011.2Concluded an Agency agreement with Standard Aero in the United States.
2012.3Opened Hanoi office in Vietnam
2012.5Relocated head office to Kobe City
2013.9Established Hanoi office as a local subsidiary (Sure Barons Vietnam, Inc.)
2013.11Concluded a Sales agency contract with Aimtek, Inc. in the United States.
2014.8Closed Vietnam local subsidiary
2014.8Concluded a Distributor agreement of Air Filter with Clarcor (now Parker Hannifin)
2015.9First delivery of Altair products for the Ministry of Defense’s new type destryers
2015.9First delivery of Clarcor air filters to Kashima Thermal Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Company
2016.1Concluded Long Term Agreement for PW1100G-JM Engine Fan Case Liner production between Kawasaki Heavy Industries and CTL Aerospace
2016.4Opened a branch office in Tokyo
2017.5Concluded a Sales contract with Soudax Equipments in France
2019.9Concluded GE90 Engine Acoustic Liner Repair Agreement between Japan Air Lines and CTL
2021.2Concluded a new Sales agent contract with Altair (UK) Limited