Introduction of client companies and products

= Parker Hannifin Group =

Industrial Air Inlet Filter

Industrial gas turbine intake filter. Frame/panel type and cylindrical type are available. The product is jointly developed with General Electric Company of the United States, and a long-term supply contract has been signed for the company’s industrial gas turbines.

Marine Demister (Altair (UK))

Gas turbine intake filters (moisture and salt removal device: commonly known as demisters) used on major ships and cruise ships in the world. Can also be applied to intake filters for diesel engines.

= Davis Engineering =

IR Suppressor (IRSS)

A device that quickly reduces the infrared heat radiated from ships and aircraft engines to protect the hull and airframe from enemy missile attacks.

IR Prediction Code (ShipIR/NTCS)

Analysis software that calculates the temperature of ships and aircraft hulls and fuselages observed from the missile launch position when designing an IR Suppressor. Lock-on range, probability of survival after lock-on, etc. can also be calculated.

In addition, we handle ASG (Active Shaft Grounding – magnetic mine protection system), OSM (Onboard Signature Manager – hull temperature centralized monitoring system), Hull Cooling System by seawater spray injection, etc.

= CTL Aerospace =

Engine Component OEM Repairer

OEM repair of aircraft engines such as CF6, PW4000, GE90, CF34, LM2500/LM5000/LM6000 and industrial gas turbine engines. It specializes in repairing parts that use composite materials such as fan cases, liners, and segments.

Engine Component OEM Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing of composite material parts for aircraft engines, space rockets, and aircraft fuselages.

= Aimtek, Inc. =

 Aerospace Grade Welding Alloys

Manufactures and sells welding alloy materials for aerospace applications.

= Soudax Equipments =

 Resistance welding, Microwelding and Brazing Machine

It manufactures and sell welding machines, sub-components, and welding consumables.

Event production results

– New car presentation by a major Japanese automaker

– Domestic event of a major overseas pharmaceutical company

– National Arbor Day Events

– Expo Milano / Expo Astana Japan Day Event

– Tokyo Olympics 2020 athlete send-off press conference

– Many other event production and management achievements